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  • #Project366 – Day Ten

    You dont see this in Delhi. Update 2013: Wow, I really can *not* stick to Projects. I lasted ten days here, which is just… terrible. Wow.

  • #Project366 – Day Nine

    Heeeere’s Phoebe!

  • #Project366 – Day Eight

    I’ve got a lovely bunch of Coconuts.

  • #Project366 – Day Seven

    Believe it or not, this is one of the few things I still have from my childhood. A nice colorful little springy:

  • #Project366 – Day Six

    When I first started my affair with Traveling, I visited a Tibetian monastery nearby, in a place called Coorg. This was my first souvenir purchase. Awwww.

  • #Project366 – Day Five

    When I moved to Udupi back in 2003, there were no ‘proper’ cake places. For my 18th Birthday I had to go out and buy a cake (New town, barely made any…

  • #Project366 – Day Four

    When I first moved into this big ol’ ancient house back in college, I thought the ceiling in my room was incredibly depressing. So I put up a couple stars. That, coupled…

  • #Project366 – Day Three

    So an Elephant, a Hindu God and a Monkey hearing no evil, walk into an office cubicle….

  • #Project366 – Day Two

    Ah university. The good ol’ days. Deffo do not miss them. However that building you see, has the nicest Cafe Coffee Day ever! But non-students arnt allowed in. D’oh.

  • #Project366 – Day One

    There’s one thing I find absolutely hilarious about Udupi. The amount of random statues here. Take this Dolphin statue, seen at a resort at Malpe Beach. And it’s not even the worst…