#Project366 – Day Three

Jan 03 2012

So an Elephant, a Hindu God and a Monkey hearing no evil, walk into an office cubicle….


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#Project366 – Day Two

Jan 02 2012

Ah university.


The good ol’ days. Deffo do not miss them. However that building you see, has the nicest Cafe Coffee Day ever! But non-students arnt allowed in. D’oh.

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#Project366 – Day One

Jan 01 2012

There’s one thing I find absolutely hilarious about Udupi. The amount of random statues here. Take this Dolphin statue, seen at a resort at Malpe Beach.


And it’s not even the worst one I’ve seen around tbh. Oh how humanity has fallen from the likes of creating artsy statues like Michaelangelo’s David. Hmmm note to self, consider when rich to create awesome Cj statue.

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Why, Hello 2012

Jan 01 2012

Happy New Year y’all! Here’s to an awesome 2012!


Things are running a little slow today in the wake of the last few days. I kicked in the new year with my parents and my dog at home, watching the fireworks here in Udupi, India. I immediately called (or in most cases, tried to call – darn clogged networks) some of the amazing friends in my life. All together, my very favorite people in the world.

I want to start 2012 by trying my hand at the 365 days project that I so massively failed at doing last year. Made it halfway though! That counts, right?

I’m not entirely sure what my resolution for 2012 is going to be. I deffo have to get back in shape. So there’s one. I also need to blog *here* more often. There’s so much that happened in 2011 that I didnt post about. My new camera, my new phone, my new apartment, my new computer, my new friends, yada yada. So in 2012 I resolve to ‘personal blog’ more often. Other resolutions… I’m sure I’ll figure out some more soon enough.

In the meanwhile, to all of you reading this right now, I hope you will have as much happiness and prosperity in 2012 as possible. The best of times are yet to come, trust me! Have a Happy 2012, much much love to ALL OF YOU!

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Goodbye, 2011

Dec 31 2011

And, that’s pretty much all, folks. Here in India we’re currently counting down the hours left of 2011 while folks on the other side of the planet are just starting this last day of the year.


2011 was a pretty fantastic year for me. There’s nothing I love more than traveling. Apart from back home in Kuwait, I had never gone anywhere outside of India before. In 2008, I backpacked around India and it blew my mind. It’s crazy how different parts of this subcontinent can be. Seeing different sights, tasting different food, learning about different history. I found it all, amazing and the proverbial ‘travel bug’ had well bitten into me.

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Happy Easter Y’all (And Easter Goodness for everybody)

Apr 24 2011

If you lived in my building, you’d get the following bits of Easter Goodness delivered to your doorstep today.

Happy Easter

When I lived in Bombay, there was a really nice tradition that went around the Apartment colony we lived in, where friendly neighbors would hand out bits of goodness pertaining to their religious festivals. The Hindu neighbours would shower us with Indian sweets for Diwali, the Muslim neighbours would give us giant bowls full of Biriyani (which were DELICIOUS I might add), and the Christian neighbours would hand out fruitcake and pies for Christmas, and Chocolate and Marzapan eggs for Easter.

I was talking to an old friend from Bombay the other day, who said this tradition still happens in her colony, where neighbours have known each other for years and years.

Unfortunately though, in Delhi’s “Rent an apartment for a year” society, neighbours dont really get to know each other. Not to mention people are probably more suspicious of each other here, than anywhere else in the world (with good reason too).So something like this can be quite… foreign to some folks here.

So I figured, why not start a tradition while i can afford to live in this apartment, by handing out trays of Easter Goodness to my neighbours this morning. The reactions I got were quite fun to be honest.

My next door neighbour met me with intense suspicion, grabbing the tray, emptying it in his kitchen and returning it back only with a couple grunts, while I tried desperately to explain to him in terrible Hindi that today’s Easter and I’m spreading ‘Easter Goodness‘ around, while noticing his wife stealthily peeking out from a room across the hall.

Yeah, my next door neighbours frighten me immensely. Whenever I open my balcony door, they open theirs, and its the same situation with my front door. HOW ARE THEY DOING THIS!

My neighbour downstairs was all smiles and joy, since he just became a Father yesterday, and was about to rush back to the Hospital after making sure things at home were duly prepared. Nice fella, my downstairs neighbours.

My neighbour on second floor wasnt at home, so no goodies for him (atleast until its evening time and it gets less hot, I dont warn those chocolate eggs melting).

My landlord is possibly the nicest person I’ve met in Delhi so far, and he was so suprised by all of this that he invited me in for dinner with his family.

So yes, some very fun reactions all around. How was your Easter?

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In other news

Dec 11 2010

I was on TV last week. Again. Ah the joys of being on TV. Watch me go “meh” on Windows Phone 7 as a Mobile OS, below:

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More Hours in the Day, Please?

Dec 02 2010


I’ve been slacking off, havent I?

Quite the opposite actually. I’ve just been so darn busy that I havent had the time to just sit down and write a basic blog post. Mental, really.

But hey, Christmas Vacation this 20th! Can.not.wait.

How’s everyone else been in the meanwhile :) ?

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25 is Brilliant

Nov 29 2010

Once again, thanks to a massively awesome bunch of friends, my Birthday went along just great.


Maybe 25 isnt going to be so bad after all lol. As always, Image above leads to the entire set on Flickr.

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Why, Hello There.

Nov 26 2010

Oh yeah I totally forgot to mention.


I got a Canon while in Tokyo. Not just any Canon though, a nice little 400D SLR. I <3 it so.

Now I just have to learn to use the thing lol.

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Tokyo Trip Day Three (Pics)

Nov 24 2010

Thanks to the brilliance that is Air India and it’s 12 Hour Flight delays, I got a little bit more time in Tokyo. Day three!


Click the image above to view the album on Flickr. Coincidentally, that image is also my desktop wallpaper right now.

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Tokyo Trip Day Two (Pics)

Nov 22 2010

And here’s Day Two! Tokyo was such a brilliant city. I honestly have to go back there some day.


Sigh. Someday, eh?

Click the image above to view the entire album on Flickr. :)

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Tokyo Trip Day One (Pics)

Nov 20 2010

Finally managed to get all my Tokyo Pictures uploaded. Day One atleast :


Click the image above to view my entire album on Flickr. :)

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Happy Diwali Everyone

Nov 06 2010

051120102386, originally uploaded by clintonjeff.

Or what’s left of it atleast :) I had a great evening, thanks to a great friend, and great company.

What did y’all do for Diwali?

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All Tied Up

Oct 27 2010

Egads I’ve been insanely busy the last couple weeks. Between work, the blog, and the quick vacation I took, I’ve been struggling to catch up with things.


Gah. I hate that feeling. I’ve always been one of those guys who keeps in touch, always has time for friends, yada yada yada. But the last couple days/weeks have been all Go, Go Go.

Hmmm Maybe I need to prioritize better or something lol.

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