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  • The new Sony PSP Go

    Gah. So tempted to get one. You have to admit, the new Sony PSP Go looks pretty sweet. If only it had a touchscreen [Link]

  • Tekken 6 Trailer

    Yes Please.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer

    Egads I CANNOT wait till this game comes out. I’m so glad its coming to PC. Check out the trailer below : Eeeeek ! Check out Joystiq’s first impressions here.

  • Back in the Game !

    Yes yes I know, I havent been blogging much here lately. But aside from being bogged down by a malaria resurgence and the general laziness that accompanies the holiday season, there’s one…

  • Yeah, I’d probably call them

    Who ya gonna call ?

  • Yes please

    Seriously getting tempted to pick up an Xbox360 one of these days. I know I’ll probably play it for like an hour a week MAX, and that’s whats keeping me from wasting…

  • Oh, the Video Games

    Despite the mass amounts of work I currently have to do, I’ve still managed to make some quality time for a little something I like to refer to as ‘video games’. Indeed,…