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  • Direction

    I wish life had signboards like this. Cause everyone could use a little direction now and then.

  • Traffic

    The Traffic in Delhi has gotten insane lately. What used to take me 10-15 mins, now takes me an hour. Ridiculous. Also now the rickshaw drivers tend to argue more. Not liking…

  • A Day in the Life (in Delhi) in Pictures

    Today started out like any other day. I waited an hour to get a rickshaw to work. And then sat in traffic for an hour before i actually reached work. Only to…

  • Cloudy Weather

    Gotta love it. Usually I’m not a fan of the monsoon and all this wet. But hey, after all the heat in Delhi so far, I cant complain.

  • And it Rained

    After what felt like a gazillion years of summer here in Delhi, it rained today. And it rained gloriously.

  • Bricked

    And it all falls down.

  • Ghetto Momo

    Found in downtown GK2. Ghetto Momos y’all.

  • Steps

    It’s annoying how lie keeps throwing things at you randomly. But then all it takes is one step to try and deal with those ‘things’. The problem is, taking that step. Gah.

  • Social Media Day Delhi

    The Social Media Day Event in Delhi happened today. And I spoke at it! Still waiting on getting a video of my awesome presentation and all 😛

  • Oh Deer

    So apparently there’s a Deer Park here in South Delhi. And wouldya know it, it actually has real Deer. Egads. And peacocks. Real Peacocks! Totally my new favourite place.