End Point in Manipal

Today I decided I was going to go to a gorgeous cliff-type-object-place in Manipal, called “End Point” and take a couple pictures of the sunset and the various colors of dusk. Unfortunately, the Udupi police have opened up their headquarters there which has somewhat ruined the scenery, and after taking about 15 minutes to find out where the new ‘entrance to end point’ was, I wandered in with my tripod and my Lumia 1020 in it’s camera grip case. Observation: apparently noone trusts people who carry tripods.

Tried a little something here but it didnt work. Great view tho.

The Manipal River makes for purty scenery



The moon is a tiny smile in the sky tonight.

Colors of dusk.

A Lonely little tree

After this fun adventure, I ventured into Dollops in Manipal with an old friend whom I hadnt met in over a year, and ordered a Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken. I’m unsure of which one was which, but dayum it tasted delicious. And so affordable too! Noway could I have the same meal in Delhi and not go over Rs 500.

One of these is Butter Chicken and the other is Chicken Tikka Masala.