“English Vinglish” Meet “Hindi Vindi”

Today I saw, what I think is probably my favorite movie of the year so far. It’s a (mostly) Hindi movie quaintly called “English Vinglish.” Here’s the trailer:

As you probably already know, if you’ve hung around with me for more than 10 minutes, I dont really watch Hindi movies at all. But literally *everyone* who knows me well, told me to march right on down to a local theatre and watch this particular movie, and that’s just what I did this Sunday night.

And wow man. Wow.

I really, reaaaaaaally identified with this movie. Ironically my scenarios is completely the opposite. Instead of only knowing Hindi, and having to go to a foreign country and learning English like the main character of this movie, I only knew English and had to move from a foreign country where I was bought up, to my home country India. Where everyone speaks Hindi.

And like the main character, every day of my life here, I get insulted, picked on and made fun of just because I dont speak a language.

Ofcourse our situations are completely different. Unlike in the movie where the main character is being picked on by people she genuinely cares about, in my scenario I get picked on by… well I’d describe them as “people I know.

Still hurts when it happens though. That lack of respect just because I dont speak a language. Maybe I need to take a 4 week class on Hindi and follow the movie, eh?

Or hey maybe this is the best plot for a sequel. After English Vinglish, here comes Hindi Vindi.

P.S: Seriously though. Fantastic movie, you need to watch this.