Checking out the Udupi Temple

Feb 01 2014

Today I decided to go check out the Udupi Temple. Actually, I really wanted to take a picture of the elephant at the Udupi temple, but when I got there the Elephant owner-human yelled at me about how there were no photos of the elephant allowed, and pointed to the numerous signs that said just that, so no elephant photos unfortch.

But hey, I still got fun some pictures of the temple anyway.


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Cj Music: “To You” by Young Wonder

Jan 31 2014

I heard this track earlier this month and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.

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Pizza Tuesday!

Jan 28 2014

Today I used a Facebook Coupon to get a free Pizza at Pizza Hut. It is possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to me in Udupi.


Also, this makes it two Facebook Offers I’ve used so far. I’m such a whore for free shit, it’s scary.

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The Best Way To Spend a Monday

Jan 27 2014

This Cat’s got the right idea.


Not entirely sure if a flower pot is a great place to take a nap though, but hey it works for this picture.

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End Point in Manipal

Jan 04 2014

Today I decided I was going to go to a gorgeous cliff-type-object-place in Manipal, called “End Point” and take a couple pictures of the sunset and the various colors of dusk. Unfortunately, the Udupi police have opened up their headquarters there which has somewhat ruined the scenery, and after taking about 15 minutes to find out where the new ‘entrance to end point’ was, I wandered in with my tripod and my Lumia 1020 in it’s camera grip case. Observation: apparently noone trusts people who carry tripods.

Tried a little something here but it didnt work. Great view tho.

The Manipal River makes for purty scenery


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Happy 2014 Y’all

Jan 01 2014

The first day of a new year! How exciting, right? I intended to do a lot today, but as usual I ended up doing not much at all, haha. I did, however, convince my parents to come along with me to go watch the first sunset of the year…

The first Sunset of 2014.

Right next to the Kaup Lighthouse. Absolutely, gorgeous.

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“English Vinglish” Meet “Hindi Vindi”

Oct 14 2012

Today I saw, what I think is probably my favorite movie of the year so far. It’s a (mostly) Hindi movie quaintly called “English Vinglish.” Here’s the trailer:

As you probably already know, if you’ve hung around with me for more than 10 minutes, I dont really watch Hindi movies at all. But literally *everyone* who knows me well, told me to march right on down to a local theatre and watch this particular movie, and that’s just what I did this Sunday night.

And wow man. Wow.

I really, reaaaaaaally identified with this movie. Ironically my scenarios is completely the opposite. Instead of only knowing Hindi, and having to go to a foreign country and learning English like the main character of this movie, I only knew English and had to move from a foreign country where I was bought up, to my home country India. Where everyone speaks Hindi.

And like the main character, every day of my life here, I get insulted, picked on and made fun of just because I dont speak a language.

Ofcourse our situations are completely different. Unlike in the movie where the main character is being picked on by people she genuinely cares about, in my scenario I get picked on by… well I’d describe them as “people I know.

Still hurts when it happens though. That lack of respect just because I dont speak a language. Maybe I need to take a 4 week class on Hindi and follow the movie, eh?

Or hey maybe this is the best plot for a sequel. After English Vinglish, here comes Hindi Vindi.

P.S: Seriously though. Fantastic movie, you need to watch this.

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Video: “India”

Jul 05 2012

Every once in a while I see a video that makes “Tourist Cj” inside me scream really loud. This is one of them:

INDIA from Mo'Fo' on Vimeo.

Shot and edited by a tourist friend of my roomate, the visuals are intense.

Living in Delhi or really, any major city in India can really get to someone. There’s so much chaos, and every day is survival. You get so caught up in it all, that you forget to just stop, and look around. And if there’s anything I learnt from my 2008 backpack trip around India, it’s that this country has SO much beauty to give. It’s just hidden around, so you’ll have to look. It’s not Europe, where every street is a picturesque catch, or South Asia with it’s gorgeously lit nights, or even the USA with it’s charm.

I dont think I’m ever going to have the time or money to just pick up my phone, a backpack with nothing but clothes and books, and just travel around in trains and buses around this sub-continent. And for that reason, I think 2008 was probably the best year of my life so far.

Sigh. Maybe I just need to travel again. But my bank account really begs to differ. Dammit.

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#Project366 – Day Ten

Jan 10 2012

You dont see this in Delhi.

You dont see this in Delhi

Update 2013: Wow, I really can *not* stick to Projects. I lasted ten days here, which is just… terrible. Wow.

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#Project366 – Day Nine

Jan 09 2012

Heeeere’s Phoebe!

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#Project366 – Day Eight

Jan 08 2012

I’ve got a lovely bunch of Coconuts.

I've got a lovely bunch of Coconuts

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#Project366 – Day Seven

Jan 07 2012

Believe it or not, this is one of the few things I still have from my childhood. A nice colorful little springy:

#Project366 - Jan 7th

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#Project366 – Day Six

Jan 06 2012

When I first started my affair with Traveling, I visited a Tibetian monastery nearby, in a place called Coorg. This was my first souvenir purchase. Awwww.

#Project366 - Jan 6th

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#Project366 – Day Five

Jan 05 2012

When I moved to Udupi back in 2003, there were no ‘proper’ cake places. For my 18th Birthday I had to go out and buy a cake (New town, barely made any friends, just one terrible bakery) and nearly chipped a tooth on super hard icing on super terrible cake. Now in udupi, we have proper cakes. Too late unfortch *humph*

#Project366 - Jan 5th

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#Project366 – Day Four

Jan 04 2012

When I first moved into this big ol’ ancient house back in college, I thought the ceiling in my room was incredibly depressing. So I put up a couple stars.

That, coupled with my blacklight, meant things looked a lot better heh. I even put up certain constellations like a good little nerd.

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